XP-Shield Removal Guide

Do you know what XP-Shield is?

XP-Shield is a rogue anti-spyware tool that masquerades as being "the best protection against malicious and unwanted software". XP-Shield is the complete opposite of this false claim. We found that XP-Shield does not remove spyware or protect you against unwanted software. XP-Shield or XP-Shield 2.1 may perform a scan of your system only to notify you of false infections being present on your system. The scan results are totally bogus and cannot be trusted.

XP-Shield was discovered to falsely notify computer users through system alert messages and popups that they are infected. Usually XP-Shield's popup messages look just like normal Windows security alerts which may trick a lot of computer users into purchasing XP-Shield in an attempt to remove the fake infections. The website www.xp-shield.com was created by the same devilish group that developed the XP-Shield program. XP-Shield.com should be avoided to prevent infecting your computer.

In non-techie terms: XP-Shield should be removed immediately if you have it installed on your computer. The longer you have XP-Shield installed the higher the risk of further damaging your system. XP-Shield is very similar to other rogue programs that have a main objective of forcing you to purchase the full version of the application. Do not fall for this trick and do not download or install XP-Shield under any circumstances.

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Aliases: XP-Shield, XPShield, XP-Shield 2.1, www.xp-shield.com

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