Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013 Removal Guide

Do you know what Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013 is?

Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013 is a computer infection that pretends to be a legitimate antivirus program. In reality it is a fake antivirus application that slows down your system, and causes erratic computer behavior in order to convince you that your computer is seriously infected with malware. Then Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013 "offers" you a solution to your problems, but you have to register the program first. Naturally, that requires paying a certain sum of money, and your money is the thing Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013 wants. Thus, DO NOT pay a single cent for this rogue and remove Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013 immediately!

This fake AV is another variant of Braviax family infections that change their names according to the operating system that is installed on compromised computer. Thus, Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013, XP Anti-Virus 2013 and Vista Anti-Virus 2013 are all different variants of the same infection, and they exhibit the same malicious behavior.

After the installation Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013 will be configured to start automatically, and it will launch a fake system scan during which it will "find" a number of infections in your system. The rogue will claim that you are infected with such malware as Trojan-Spy.HTML.Bankfraud, Email-Worm.VBS.Peach, Backdoor.Perl.AEI.16 and others. But these scan results are fake, and you should never trust them. To not even considering paying for the Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013 registration, because you will lose your money and reveal your banking information to the cyber criminals.

Rather than that, register Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013 with one of the following activation keys:


Registration will not remove Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013, but it will temporarily stop such infection symptoms as fake security messages, the inability to load your programs, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. You have to download SpyHunter and run a full system scan, because Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013 managed to regroup and attack you again. Remove Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013 with a powerful antimalware tool and protect the system from other threats.

In non-techie terms:

Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013 is a fake antivirus program that wants your money, and seriously interrupts the general system performance. Do not wait any longer and acquire a powerful antimalware program to remove Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013 once and for all. Protect yourself and your computer from dangerous infections.

Aliases: Win 7 AntiVirus 2013.