Warning! Gas Savings Spam Messages On The Rise

Gas Savings Spam Messages Are Increasing Just Like The Gas Prices.

With the extremely high gas prices lately everyone is looking for and paying close attention to ways to save on gas. Lately spammers are taking advantage of this need for consumers to save money at the gas pump. We have one question for you, would you open an email message that it says something related to saving money on gas? Of course you would and spammers know this. Right now according to the security vender McAfee, 0.2 percent of ALL spam is related to reducing the price of gas or consumption of gas. This figure is on the rise and fast so we must all guard ourselves appropriately.

Spammers are always on the outlook for opportunities to make money by tricking people by offering a bogus product. In the case of saving money on gas spammers are sending out a large number of emails that may sell products or ideas to save money on gas.

What can we do about these types of messages?

There is no sure way of stopping all spam messages. Hackers and spammers find ways to sneak by your spam protection software in most cases so it is best to expect these types of emails. We must all take action to avoid falling into the trap of emails that mention something related to gas savings. Usually if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is. That is the first concept that we must remember when we open our next email that says "you can save gas by using this" or "is gas breaking your wallet".

The facts of the matter with gas prices is we all know that they are not going down anytime soon and they are starting to hurt many of us who commute to work every day. When an offer comes along to cut or reduce your gas bill we must ask questions and do our homework to make sure the offer is legitimate even with some email messages that appear to be spam. Most times it is easier to just press the delete key the next time you encounter an email that offers products related to lowering your gas costs than it is wasting your time fighting and wishing for a lost cause.

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