Virus.Ramnit Removal Guide

Do you know what Virus.Ramnit is?

Virus.Ramnit is a computer infection that corrupts executable files and HTML files and spreads on its own accord via removable drives. It means that if you are infected with Virus.Ramnit and you have an external drive plugged in, the malicious infection will drop a copy of its installation file into your external drive, and the next time you plug it to another computer, the computer in question will be infected with Virus.Ramnit as well. Therefore, you have to remove Virus.Ramnit from the compromised computer before it managed to cause great damage and spread into other machines.

It is hard to determine when or how Virus.Ramnit gets into your system, but if you notice a Srv.exe process in your Task Manager, then it is the first sign that something is definitely wrong with your computer, because this file indicates the presence of Virus.Ramnit.

Aside from infecting Windows executable and HTML files, Virus.Ramnit also tries to open a backdoor on your computer so that other affiliated malware infections could enter your system. It waits for instructions from its creator, so that it would know how to behave further on. Once Virus.Ramnit receives instructions, it connects to a remote server and downloads and execute files that severely infect your system.

The fact that you are infected with Virus.Ramnit also means that you can have another dangerous malware files in your system. That is so, because the virus is closely related to Worm:Win32/Ramnit.A. So if you want to remove Virus.Ramnit (and you must), it is strongly recommended to use an automated malware removal tool that will terminate Virus.Ramnit along with other infections at the same time. It will save time, and you won't need to perform a manual virus removal procedure which is very hard and tedious to do.

Download a free SpyHunter scanner to check whether you are infected with Virus.Ramnit and other computer threats. Protect yourself from serious computer infections by investing in a reliable antimalware tool.

In non-techie terms:

Virus.Ramnit is a computer virus that infects important files and allows other malware to enter your computer behind your back. Remove Virus.Ramnit with a powerful antimalware program and protect your system from similar infections in the future.

Aliases: Ramnit Virus.