Smash Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Smash Ransomware is?

Smash Ransomware is a sad excuse for a malicious infection because the only thing it does is scare innocent computer users into thinking their systems have been severely infected with malware. While it is true that Smash Ransomware is a malicious infection, it cannot do any harm to your system. If you have a powerful antispyware application installed on your computer, you can easily remove Smash Ransomware at once. If not, perhaps it is time to invest in a security tool that will protect your PC from harm, making sure your personal information does not get leaked to cyber criminals.

How did this program get into your PC? There might be several distribution methods applied by this infection. The most common way for a ransomware program to enter target systems is through spam email messages. Cyber criminals employ spam campaigns that send out thousands of messages to unsuspecting users. The worst is that those messages look like reliable emails from reputable companies or financial institutions. However, users have to understand that respectable companies would seldom send an attachment in their invoice messages and other notifications. The spam emails that distribute Smash Ransomware and other similar malware will come with attachments you have to download and open. Needless to say, the moment you open such attachment, you infect your computer with malware.

As you can see, it is not just about the security program that you have installed on your PC. A lot depends on your web browsing habits, too. If you want to avoid Smash Ransomware and other similar applications in the future, you have to be careful about what websites you open and what attachments you download from your inbox. If you are not sure about a file you have to open, scan it with an antispyware tool. This way, you will decrease your chances of getting infected with dangerous threats.Smash Ransomware Removal GuideSmash Ransomware screenshot
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What about the Smash Ransomware infection itself? To tell you the truth, we are lucky that this program is so underdeveloped. The program actually looks pretty cute if you consider the fact it uses imagery from Super Mario Bros. The program’s notification box says that you have to pay them “for a key” until the progress bar on your screen reaches 100%. If you fail to do so, the malicious infection “will delete ALL of your files forever.” It surely looks dangerous, but when you take a closer look, these claims seem very unlikely.

For starters, Smash Ransomware does not provide you any link or an email address that would allow you to contact the people behind this infection. So, technically, there is no way you can pay them. Next, during our research, we have found that the malicious code for this application is very poorly programmed. It means that the program cannot execute most of the functions that would, otherwise, be associated with a ransomware infection. Therefore, it means that even if you do not pay the ransom fee, Smash Ransomware will not delete your files because it simply cannot do that.

So, the program does not encrypt your files. It cannot delete your files. It is basically a joke. Is there anything it can do? Unfortunately, there is something very annoying about the infection. Although it fails to function like a genuine ransomware application, it can still work on your nerves as a screenlocker app. In other words, Smash Ransomware can block specific system utilities, like the Command prompt, Registry Editor, and Task Manager. Without the access to these utilities, you cannot close the infection’s notification or kill its processes.

However, we have already established that this program is a complete failure from a programmer’s point of view, right? So, another blunder the people behind this program made is that the application does not auto-start with your system. In other words, you can restart your computer, and the Smash Ransomware notification will disappear.

Then you can remove Smash Ransomware for good, consequently ensuring that your PC is protected against similar intruders. Please do not hesitate to run a full system scan to search for other unwanted apps. It is very common that computer infections travel in packs, so you have to do everything in your power to avoid them.

How to Delete Smash Ransomware

  1. Reboot your computer.
  2. When the system loads, open your web browser.
  3. Go to
  4. Install SpyHunter and scan your computer.

In non-techie terms:

Smash Ransomware will block you from killing it, but there is always a way. This program tries to look like an extremely dangerous threat, but it is very far from being one. Your task right now is to remove this application from your computer. If you are not an experienced user, you can terminate the infection automatically with a legitimate antispyware tool. After all, this is the fastest and the most efficient way to deal with such intruders.