RegTool Removal Guide

Do you know what RegTool is?

RegTool is a cunning computer infection that enters your system with one single purpose in mind - money. It is a fake registry optimization tool and functions very much like a fake antivirus program. RegTool will try to convince you that your registry has multiple errors that will result in an erratic computer behavior. Thus, RegTool expects you to purchase the full version of the program that supposedly is able to fix your registry.

The truth is that by purchasing the "full version" of the program you would be revealing your credit card details to cyber criminals. If people behind RegTool get the hold of your financial information, they can access your bank account illegally and then steal all of your money by making unauthorized purchases.

What is more, given the fact that you are infected with RegTool, it is very likely that you have various Trojan infections on your computer as well. That is so, because this fake registry optimizer often arrives via Trojan infection, and in general it is very common for computer threats to come in throngs.

RegTool will perform a fake registry scan and it will claim that you have a lot of registry errors that you must repair immediately otherwise you might experience an ultimate system failure. Also, RegTool will try to convince you that you need to perform a hard disk defragmentation, or it will pretend that it is installing updates for Adobe or Java products.

Make sure that all of your Adobe and Java applications are up to date so that computer infections would not be able to exploit vulnerabilities of the old program set-up. Also, pay no attention to the messages from RegTool whatsoever and delete the program before it causes any real damage.

If you know how to work with Registry Editor, you can remove RegTool yourself, but if you are not an experienced computer user, then we recommended acquiring a powerful computer security tool that can help you to get rid of this infection automatically. Not to mention, that you will also be able to remove other infections such as worms or Trojans that could be hiding in your system.

In non-techie terms:

RegTool is a dangerous computer infection that tries to steal your money. It comes with a bunch of other threats, so you need to remove RegTool and clean your system of malicious files with a reliable antimalware application right now.

Aliases: malware.RegTool.