ProtectionAssuree Removal Guide

Do you know what ProtectionAssuree is?

ProtectionAssuree is a rogue anti-spyware program similar to AVSystemCare. ProtectionAssuree is a French version of AVSystemCare which is a fake spyware removal tool. Both ProtectionAssuree and AVSystemCare are usually installed through a Trojan. ProtectionAssuree performs system scans displaying exaggerated scan results scaring users into purchasing the full version of ProtectionAssuree to removal the parasites it found. This is a scam. Do not purchase ProtectionAssuree or any related fake anti-spyware programs.

In non-techie terms: Spyware makers create programs like ProtectionAssuree to extort money from you. ProtectionAssuree does not detect spyware. ProtectionAssuree is the spyware you should avoid and not give out any personal information.

Aliases: Protection Assuree.

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