PrivacyWarrior Removal Guide

Do you know what PrivacyWarrior is?

PrivacyWarrior is a rogue anti-spyware application that infiltrates your computer through an installed Trojan infection such as Zlob or a browser security hole. The Zlob Trojan infection usually comes from a fake video codec or MediaAccess Codec installer found on porn sites or other malicious pages that you may have surfed.

If installed, PrivacyWarrior will bombard you with multiple popups or system alert messages that say you have compromising files on your system. This is a fake message and should not be taken to heart. We strongly advise you to take action to remove the PrivacyWarrior program that is causing the messages before damage is caused to your system.

In non-techie terms: PrivacyWarrior and the website were both created by hackers to extort money from you. PrivacyWarrior uses the illicit tactics of popups and fake system scans to scare you into purchasing the full PrivacyWarrior program. Do not fall for this trick. You should not download or purchase PrivacyWarrior under any circumstances.

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