PCSegura Removal Guide

Do you know what PCSegura is?

PCSegura is a posing anti-spyware program that is usually installed from a Trojan horse infection that could be obtained from PCSegura.com, which isn't even in English, or fake video codec download. PCSegura or PC Segura is nothing more than an outlandish program that does nothing for computer users but take their money.

PCSegura may seriously risk the security of your system while slowing the performance possibly rendering your computer useless at times. When PCSegura is installed it may start to automatically perform system scans and display bogus popup messages as a scare tactic. Ultimately PCSegura tries to scare you into purchasing the full version of PCSegura.

In non-techie terms: Do not ever fall for the scam that PCSegura performs on your system with fake popup notifications and alert messages. It is necessary that you remove PCSegura from your system before it causes damage to your personal files. PCSegura may be hard to remove manually in few cases. Do not ever install or purchase PCSegura under any circumstances.

www.pcsegura.com website image:

Aliases: PCSegura, PC Segura, www.PCSegura.com.

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