PCCleaner 2008 Removal Guide

Do you know what PCCleaner 2008 is?

PCCleaner 2008 and the older version PCCleaner 2007, is a fake anti-spyware program that can infect your computer through a Trojan download or degraded security settings in your web browser. If PCCleaner 2008 is installed on your computer then you may get several popups and system alert messages that can be very annoying and take up a considerable amount of workspace. PCCleaner 2008 offers a free scan and displays erroneous results to try to scare you into purchasing the PCCleaner 2008 program.

In non-techie terms: PCCleaner 2008 and PCCleaner 2007 are both deceiving programs that should not be used to for removal of infections or parasites. PCCleaner 2008 does not live up to it's claim of cleaning your system of infections. PCCleaner 2008 is a waste of time and money and you should not download or purchase PCCleaner 2008 under any circumstances.

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