WebSpades Removal Guide

Do you know what WebSpades is?

WebSpades is a browser add-on which you should remove from the computer if you have just found that the application is present on your PC. WebSpades is available at webspades.net, but it can also be bundled with other programs, which is why you should always read the license agreement and every single page of an installation wizard.

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Isearch.zoo.com Removal Guide

Do you know what Isearch.zoo.com is?

Isearch.zoo.com is a search engine that is being distributed together with Zoo Toolbar. If you have installed it on your system, it might be very true that you will notice isearch.zoo.com set as your default homepage and search engine. It does not matter which browser you use, this application might infect all of them and you will have to reset them in order to be able to set your preferred homepage and search engine.

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MossNet Removal Guide

Do you know what MossNet is?

MossNet is a free browser add-on which generates advertisements and coupons to make your time on the Internet more enjoyable. However, soon after installing the program you may realize that MossNet is not as useful as it is claimed to be. MossNet generates web banners, pop-ups, interstitial advertisements and special offers, some of which are likely to have nothing in common with your browsing interest.

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Websearch.AmaizingSearches.info Removal Guide

Do you know what Websearch.AmaizingSearches.info is?

Websearch.AmaizingSearches.info is a search engine published by JustPlugIt company. You might notice this search engine set as your homepage if a browser hijacker that promotes WebSearch.AmaizingSearches.info entered your system. The easiest way to notice that is to check the list of extensions in your browser.

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Hyves Toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what Hyves Toolbar is?

Hyves Toolbar is a browser extension which works on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The toolbar is quite old, and the analysis of the application has shown that the installers of the toolbar for different browser can be acquired from hyves.ourtoolbar.com/ie, hyves.ourtoolbar.com/cre, and hyves.ourtoolbar.com/xpi

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Frontier Browser Assistant Removal Guide

Do you know what Frontier Browser Assistant is?

Frontier Browser Assistant is a browser helper object (BHO) for Internet Explorer. If you have Frontier Browser Assistant on your browser, you have either installed it yourself or acquired it along with your Dell computer because this application is known to have been distributed along with Dell computers in 2006.

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Fast Media Converter Removal Guide

Do you know what Fast Media Converter is?

Fast Media Converter is an audio file converter which you could install from the fastmediaconverter.com. The application can be installed with the help of third party software distributors using software packaging technique. You need to be extra cautious about bundled software because in some cases additional applications could be set for automatic installation and you could overlook their identification.

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PCTechHotline Removal Guide

Do you know what PCTechHotline is?

PCTechHotline is a potentially undesirable program, also known as PUP, which can be installed as a bundle program or which you can download from pctechhotline.com. The application, which has been published by Crawler LLC, is meant to help you access quick computer assistance related to technical issues and malware removal.

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Radio PI Community Toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what Radio PI Community Toolbar is?

Radio PI Community Toolbar is a Conduit Toolbar which is available at radiopi.toolbar.fm. The application is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It contains only several links and a radio player, which enables you to browse radio stations by categories.

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WOW search Removal Guide

Do you know what WOW search is?

It is very probable that you might meet WOW search nowadays. Actually, you should know that it basically stands for wow.utop.it, which is even classified as a browser hijacker. Our specialists have found out that different kinds of browsers might be affected; however,

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