MyWebFace Toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what MyWebFace Toolbar is?

MyWebFace Toolbar is a browser plugin or an add-on that is directly connected to an online tool named MyWebFace. It is an interactive tool that allows Internet users to convert their photos into animated images, and then these cartoon images can be shared on the web via social networking websites. Even though this additional function might be deemed useful by some of the users, there is a catch to it - you have to install MyWebFace Toolbar as well. Of course, this toolbar is not a malicious infection on its own, if you access the official website for it, you will also find uninstall instructions, but usually it is recommended to remove MyWebFace Toolbar from the system as soon as possible, because you can never be sure what other dangerous it might bring.

Of course, you might have downloaded and installed MyWebFace Toolbar yourself, but if you went through the installation process automatically you will notice that MyWebFace Toolbar changed your browser settings. This browser plugin affects main Internet browsers (including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox). If you install the default version of the toolbar, it changes your homepage to This domain also is set as your default search engine. Since the search engine does perform its function, it might seem that there is nothing wrong with MyWebFace Toolbar and the search engine, but that is not exactly true.

MyWebFace Toolbar can function as browser hijacker at times by redirecting your search results to affiliated websites. This is where danger comes into picture - if you get redirected to a website that hosts malware, you can immediately get infected with a Trojan, a worm or any other kind of computer threat that will seriously damage your computer. Therefore, it would be for the best to remove MyWebFace Toolbar from your system before you get redirected to suspicious websites.

If the uninstall instructions posted on the official MyWebFace Toolbar website does not work, you must download the free SpyHunter scanner and scan your system for dangerous infections. Keep in mind that automatic malware removal with a computer security application will be faster and more efficient than the manual one. Also, if you remove MyWebFace Toolbar with an automated antimalware tool, your default browser settings will be restored automatically.

Do not hesitate when you need to protect your computer against nosy intruders.