Internet Antivirus Pro Removal Guide

Do you know what Internet Antivirus Pro is?

Internet Antivirus Pro is another rogue anti-spyware program that is very detrimental to the normal operation of your computer. Internet Antivirus Pro is basically useless software that can be compared to a dangerous virus infection. Internet Antivirus Pro, after installed, greats you with many popups that are all fake messages about how your computer has an issue or infection that needs to be addressed. Any message related to InternetAntivirusPro is bogus.

InternetAntivirus Pro was found to come directly from the website where the InternetAntivirus Pro program can be purchased. To sum things up, Internet Antivirus Pro is not an antivirus application but more like spyware that may eventually damage your computer files.

In non-techie terms: Internet Antivirus Pro should never be purchased under any circumstances. Internet Antivirus Pro is a waste of money and you will only disappoint yourself by downloading, installing or purchasing this useless program. Internet Antivirus Pro may be hard to remove without the guidance of a complete removal guide as shown below. website image:

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