Atfxqogp Toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what Atfxqogp Toolbar is?

Atfxqogp Toolbar is a malicious toolbar that may perform harmful functions on your computer resulting in the download or installation of a rogue anti-spyware program. Atfxqogp Toolbar may be present on your web browser toolbar section with for icons and text. Each of the buttons do not do what they say. Usually if any buttons on Atfxqogp Toolbar are clicked it may prompt the download or installation of a spyware infection.

Atfxqogp Toolbar appears to be another silly name for a toolbar which we find very humorous on the part of the hackers that keep creating crazy names for malicious toolbars. You cannot even pronounce the name of recent toolbars such as Atfxqogp Toolbar. We find that aside from Atfxqogp Toolbar having a crazy name is the fact that Atfxqogp Toolbar greets computer users with its presence through popups messages that state "Insecure Internet Activity" or "Threat of Virus Attack". Atfxqogp Toolbar is known to be a part of the Zlob Trojan group of infections that run loose on the internet.

In non-techie terms: Atfxqogp Toolbar was confirmed to not be a legitimate toolbar. Atfxqogp Toolbar cannot be trusted no matter how nicely it fits into your web browsers toolbar area. You should not click on any of the buttons listed on the Atfxqogp Toolbar under any circumstances.

Atfxqogp Toolbar may resemble the image below:

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