Adware.Win32.MalwareAlarm Removal Guide

Do you know what Adware.Win32.MalwareAlarm is?

Adware.Win32.MalwareAlarm is a fake spyware threat that is usually displayed on a popup message by rogue anti-spyware programs. The Adware.Win32.MalwareAlarm message is part of the scheme that rogue applications run to get you to purchase a full version of the rogue application. MalwareAlarm is an actual rogue anti-spyware program not to be confused with the Adware.Win32.MalwareAlarm threat message. Usually fake anti-spyware programs or Trojan infections use messages such as Adware.Win32.MalwareAlarm to cleverly disguise itself using the name of another fake spyware program.

Do you ever get a message that reads like the following?

Adware.Win32.MalwareAlarm attack! Adware.Win32.MalwareAlarm gathers your private data, such as BANKING INFORMATION, passwords and send it to attackers. Also this fraudware can upload malicious software to your PC without your notice and make a SPAM. Very high security risk! This process should be removed from your system immediately!

Type: Trojan Horse
System Affected: Windows 98, 2000, NT4, ME, XP, Vista
Security Risk (0-5): 4
Recommendations: Click "YES" to get all available antispyware software.

In non-techie terms: The Adware.Win32.MalwareAlarm message is a clear sign that you are infected with either a Trojan or rogue anti-spyware program. If you find that have a popup or system alert message that displays the Adware.Win32.MalwareAlarm message then it is recommended that you take action in removing the rogue infection that is causing the message. Any programs associated with Adware.Win32.MalwareAlarm should not be downloaded or purchased under any circumstances. Adware.Win32.MalwareAlarm may lead to other harmful spyware downloads or infections.

Adware.Win32.MalwareAlarm popup message image:

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