Hollycrypt Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Hollycrypt Ransomware is?

There is one more infection that you need to look out for in your inbox, and it is called Hollycrypt Ransomware. This infection could potentially use other security backdoors to enter your operating system; however, it is most likely that its malicious code will be embedded in an executable posing as a harmless PDF file. Note that other types of files could be used to conceal the malicious .exe as well. If you open the file carelessly, the infection will be executed, and this will start the encryption of your precious personal files. Hopefully, you realize that the file you have opened is malicious and you delete it time. Unfortunately, as our research shows, most users do not realize that the file belongs to a malicious ransomware infection. Once the files are corrupted, it is too late to remove Hollycrypt Ransomware from your operating system to prevent damage. Even if you eliminate this devious threat, your precious files will remain locked.

Hollycrypt Ransomware comes from the same group of malware as the infamous GhostCrypt Ransomware. Both of these infections were created using the Hidden Tear source code, and as long as this source code is open, there will be new ransomware infections emerging again and again. First of all, are you sure that your operating system was infected by Hollycrypt Ransomware? Notably, there is a malicious threat known by the name “HolyCrypt Ransomware,” and while both of these threats are dangerous and require removal, you should not confuse them. The threat we are discussing in this report was created by someone who lacks knowledge and, most likely, experience as well. Due to this, this infection is completely unpredictable, and it is hard to say whether a decryption tool exists and whether the creator of this threat is even capable of identifying you and providing you with the right decryption key. This is the main reason why we do not recommend paying the ransom, but, of course, you decide if your files are worth taking the risk for.Hollycrypt Ransomware Removal GuideHollycrypt Ransomware screenshot
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As you already know if you have opened the obnoxious Read_this_shit.txt file, the creator of Hollycrypt Ransomware wants you to pay a ransom, but no additional information is presented about the payment via the TXT file. That is because the developer wants you to email them at Hollyman137@gmail.com. If you start communicating with cyber criminals, you might be pushed to pay a ransom in Bitcoins, and, as you now know, this is extremely risky. Besides that, by contacting cyber criminals, you reveal your email address, which is dangerous because it could be flooded with other corrupted spam emails in the future. Overall, if you discover that the encrypted files (the ones with the “.Hollycrypt” extension appended to them) are valuable, you might not care about the risks and follow all of the demands thrown your way. That would be a mistake, and you need to weight all pros and cons, and exhaust all possibilities (e.g., look into legitimate file decryption tools) before you do anything reckless.

If you have backups of your files or if you think that the ones encrypted by Hollycrypt Ransomware are not worth the risk, the first thing you need to do is remove the ransomware. If you choose to do that yourself, brace yourself for the difficult task of finding and deleting the malicious .exe file. We cannot tell you where it is or what its name is, but the chances are that you have downloaded it yourself, and so you should be able to find it. Another option you have is installing automated malware detection and removal software, and our research team agrees that this is the best choice as this software can effectively delete Hollycrypt Ransomware along with other threats active on your PC. Once your operating system is clean, make sure you take care of the remaining personal files.

Delete Hollycrypt Ransomware

  1. Right-click and Delete the malicious .exe file (you might have downloaded it as a PDF file).
  2. Right-click and Delete the irritating Read_this_shit.txt file.
  3. Inspect your operating system with a legitimate malware scanner so as not to overlook hidden malware.

In non-techie terms:

It is clear that Hollycrypt Ransomware is a malicious infection that requires immediate removal. However, many users feel paralyzed because the creator of this threat takes their personal files hostage, which is why, in most cases, the removal of this threat is postponed. Paying the ransom that is requested in return of the release of your files is too risky, but you might choose to communicate with cyber criminals if the files encrypted are really important to you, and you do not have backs up. In the end, whether or not you retrieve your files, you must not forget to erase the malicious ransomware, which we advise doing using automated malware removal software.