Fake PornTube Websites Known To Spread Malicious Files

Fake porn sites known to be just as dangerous as web pages that promote and sell rogue applications.

We all know that porn sites alone have infected thousands of computer users with malicious applications and files that are very dangerous. Lately there have been sites specifically designed as a fake porn site where you may not get much visual satisfaction but a slew of malware instead. PornTube is a well known porn site that easily accessible for computer users who wish to surf that type of material. Recently a discovery was noted on malwaredatabase.net of fake PornTube websites installing malware. It was newly found that some of these domains may be active where it will download an executable file named pornivideo03y45i.exe onto your computer.

If you are an avid porn website surfer then you are already at risk for infection from many malware sources. Porn websites are well known sources for malicious files and downloads fake or not fake. PornTube is a service that closely resembles YouTube but as some of us may know the content is a quite different in that PornTube offers, simply put, pornography material.

Hackers know which sites are popular and those are the ones that they target to create phishing sites or fake variations to spread malicious files to computer users all over the world. PornTube is just one example as there are many others awaiting to be discovered.

It is always advisable to limit usage of any porn site. If you have that urge or need to view a porn site then it would be best to educate yourself on the removal procedure for many of the spyware and malware parasites that are running loose on the internet. It is quite inevitable that you will get such an infection by surfing porn sites including fake porn sites that do not offer much "pleasure".

Have found yourself on an unwanted porn site? Was your system infected with spyware from accidently being redirected to a porn site?