eKerberos Removal Guide

Do you know what EKerberos is?

eKerberos or E-Kerberos, is a very dangerous rogue anti-spyware program full of devious tactics that push computer users into purchasing a useless program. EKerberos is known in some cases to be installed automatically without your interaction. EKerberos is installed in this manor usually through a Trojan infection. EKerberos should never be voluntarily installed as it creates a serious risk of damaging your system.

In non-techie terms: EKerberos is known to also come directly from the EKerberos.com website which should never be visited. Every computer users is accountable for their actions and downloading, installing or purchasing EKerberos is a very bad action to take.

eKerberos settings menu image:

Aliases: eKerberos, E-Kerberos, E Kerberos, www.ekerberos.com.

ekerberos.com website image: