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Do you know what is? claims to respect the privacy of its users, but sadly the search engine’s creators do not guarantee that their third-party partners will do the same. According to what our researchers found out, the application might modify the search results and place additional third-party advertising content. The problem is that such ads could lead the user to unfamiliar web pages and they might be potentially dangerous. If you do not want to wonder whether the search engine will show you possibly harmful content or not, we advise you to erase this unreliable application, before it has the chance, with the removal guide available below. Also, if you would like to know more about the software you could continue reading the article and learn other important details about

Our researchers say that users could receive this suspicious search engine while visiting questionable file-sharing web pages. We cannot say that all file-sharing websites are dangerous, but some of them distribute software installers bundled with questionable programs. Sadly, such setup files may offer to install more applications than you asked for and among the suggestions, there could be potentially unwanted programs, adware, browser hijackers, or threats like Therefore, it is best to choose the advanced installation settings and deselect additional software you do not want to receive. Plus, it would be safer to keep away from unreliable file-sharing websites. Instead, you could download setup files from the official publisher’s site or other reliable sources. should replace only the homepage and leave other default settings such as search engine or new tab page unchanged. What’s more, the research shows it could work on the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers. As soon as it settles in, the application might gather particular data related to the user. According to the software’s Privacy Policy document, such data could be both personal and anonymous, but the program’s creators claim to be “committed to protecting the personal information of its customers and visitors.” Nonetheless, the same document also mentions “other websites that are accessible from the Site.” Apparently, the search engine’s creators do not take any responsibility for their partners’ third-party web pages and do not guarantee that such sites will respect your Removal screenshot
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Moreover, there are even more possible risks to consider. The search engine’s promoted third-party advertising content could originate from potentially dangerous web pages too. For instance, such sites may distribute malicious programs like Trojans, ransomware, viruses, etc. Some unreliable websites could also distribute similar suspicious search engines, browser hijackers, adware, and so on. Because of these risks, we would advise you not to take any chances with and delete it from the browser.

If you follow the removal guide placed below you should be able to reset the affected browser and get rid of the suspicious search engine. However, if you want to check if there are no other possible threats on the system or simply delete the application with a trustworthy tool, it might be best to install a reputable security tool. With only a few mouse clicks you could launch the tool, set it to scan your system, and eliminate all suspicious software at the same time by pressing the removal button. Even after the application is erased you could continue using the tool to help you guard the computer against malware, just keep it updated, and it should be able to recognize newer threats. If you have any other questions about, we would be happy to help you answer them; just leave us a comment at the end of the page or contact us through social media.


Internet Explorer

  1. Press Alt+X at the same time then click on Internet Options and select Advanced.
  2. Click Reset and mark Delete personal settings.
  3. Press Reset again and click on Close.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Locate the Help icon on the top-left corner and click it.
  2. Select Troubleshooting information and press Refresh Firefox.
  3. Click Refresh Firefox once more and pick Finish.

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F simultaneously then select Settings and slide below.
  2. Mark Show advanced settings and scroll down again.
  3. Click on Reset Settings and press Reset.

In non-techie terms:

Our specialists believe that might be a clone of other unreliable search engines, such as,,, and so on. In general, these applications have a rather identical appearance, and they should work in the same way too. After they replace user’s homepage, the user might notice suspicious advertising content among the results. It would be best to stay away from such ads as they could be potentially dangerous. In fact, we would advise you to erase the search engine before anything bad happens. After all, you can replace it with a more reliable tool, e.g.,, and so on. The application’s deletion is not that complicated, but for more information check the instructions placed above or use a reliable antimalware tool.