Cutwail Removal Guide

Do you know what Cutwail Trojan is?

Cutwail Trojan is a severely dangerous Trojan horse infection that is usually found as part of another malicious program. It was found where Cutwail may be included in an illegal download of movie, song or software files. Cutwail may also be installed onto your system without you knowing about it making it very difficult to detect in some cases.

Cutwail or Trojan.Cutwail, may download other harmful files or programs without permission from the computer administrator. While Cutwail works in the background it could be performing many malicious actions while going undetected. It is very important to remove Cutwail Trojan if you have identified it as being on your system.

Aliases: Cutwail, Cutwail Trojan, Trojan.Cutwail.