Computer Locker ‘You Steal Music I Lock Your PC’

Dealing with computer locking malware is no fun, and You Steal Music I Lock Your PC is a disturbing infection which attacks unguarded operating Windows systems. It is known that computer users all over the world still do not ensure full-time Windows protection, which eventually leads to the infiltration of some sort of threats. Some of these infections can drop malware, others can steal personal data. It is notable that many threats do not have an interface and are very difficult to discover and remove. There is no doubt that it will not be easy to delete You Steal Music I Lock Your PC infection; however, you will not be able to miss the devious program either.

Contrary to the common belief, You Steal Music I Lock Your PC is not a ransomware. A real malicious ransomware infection would lock the system and demand money from you in order to restore access to the desktop of the computer. Therefore, you should not level this truly malign threat with Say Hello to Little Virus Brings a Lot of Problems Virus, You have 48 hours to pay the fine Virus and similar threats. These malicious applications can be deleted through the Safe Mode with Networking, and the threat in discussion blocks this chance. Therefore, it is safe to state that You Steal Music I Lock Your PC virus is much more malicious and clandestine.

Since the devious threat does not ask for money in return of the retrieved access to the computer, it is most likely that the main objective that schemers behind it have is further spyware infiltration. Unfortunately, the infection could lead to the activation of such dangerous threats as keyloggers, viruses and Trojans. So, what should be done? It would be best to keep the PC shut off until you figure out a way to delete it from the system. And once the computer becomes clean again – make sure that authentic and legitimate spyware detection and removal tools are employed to guard the operating system.