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Woospi Removal Guide

Do you know what Woospi is?


Woospi is a dangerous computer worm infection that may spread through removable media such as USB drives. Woospi uses the autorun.inf file to spread through these devices onto the computer that the infected drive or media is plugged into. It does this through the Autorun function built into Windows where the drive is automatically opened allowing the Woospi infection to spread.

Koobface Worm Virus Affecting Facebook and MySpace Users

A new variant of Koobface worm is affecting many Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites lately.

Koobface Worm was once a serious threat among users of Facebook. A newer variant of the Koobface worm is starting to spread among other social networks such as MySpace, Friendster, Bebo,, and Lifejournal. The nature of your system being infected with Koobface is it may result in compromising your computer where a remote attack could gain control over it.

Koobface reemerges as possibly being a much more serious threat that it use to be. Other reports of Facebook being plagued with malicious applications only adds to the confusion of social networks being attacked by hackers.

Conficker B++ Removal Guide and Information

Do you know what Conficker B++ is?


Conficker B++ is the newest variant of Conficker Worm (also known as: Downadup or Kido). Conficker is known as a dangerous infection that has affected millions of computers around the world which now as a newer variant Conficker B++ that may have new methods for avoiding previous actions taken to limit the spread of the original Conficker infection.

Conficker, also known as downadup or Kido, has infected 10.5 million computers around the world with all of its variants. The Conficker B++ infection may post a much more serious threat as it was only discovered in mid February 2009 by SRI International to have a different method for avoiding rendezvous points that the previous Conficker infection was programmed to do.

W32.Jaydotto Uses Old School Virus Tricks

The W32.Jaydotto infection uses old virus tactics to hide itself while infecting your system

The W32.Jaydotto infection was recently discovered to be using old virus infection methods in order to hide itself on an infected machine. W32.Jaydotto appeared to be a regular worm when first examined by researchers but it is much more complicated. W32.Jaydotto seemed to be another worm infection that spreads itself by copying itself and the autorun.inf file to any removable device on your system. This tactic is identified as a way older viruses spread themselves to hide its identity. Performing this old method insures that the W32.Jaydotto infection will last a long time running loose on the infected machine.