Alcatraz Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Alcatraz Ransomware is?

Our experts have recently detected a new threat Alcatraz Ransomware. It is an infection that encrypts users’ files once it is inside the computer using the AES-256 encryption algorithm. Just like other popular ransomware infections, Alcatraz Ransomware targets the most valuable files located in %USERPROFILE% and its subfolders, so do not get surprised when you realize that you cannot access your documents, music, pictures, and other important data. At the time of writing, it is impossible to unlock those files without the special key cyber criminals should have, but it does not mean that it is advisable to pay money to cyber criminals. A refusal to make a payment might result in the loss of data, as it is mentioned in the .html file left on Desktop by Alcatraz Ransomware; however, there are no guarantees that you will receive decryption software after transferring money to cyber criminals either. No matter what decision you make regarding the payment, keep in mind that the removal of Alcatraz Ransomware is a must to leave no possibilities for it to encrypt files again in the future.

Ransomware infections are created by cyber criminals to encrypt files primarily, so, evidently, Alcatraz Ransomware will also encrypt files it finds stored on the computer immediately after it sneaks onto the computer. Once it finishes encrypting users’ files, it then leaves a file on Desktop. Users can find a list of the most common questions and answers there. Also, users are explained why they cannot access their files (“All your data are encrypted”) and what should be done to get them back. Just like other ransomware infections, Alcatraz Ransomware seeks to obtain money from users, so users are told to send 0.5 BTC (~ $350) for the decryption tool. Since this ransomware infection uses a really strong encryption algorithm, purchasing the decryptor might be your only chance to unlock files; however, it does not mean that specialists encourage you to buy it. It is quite risky to send money to cyber criminals because they might not send anything back. In fact, it might be very true that they do not even have the decryption key.Alcatraz Ransomware Removal GuideAlcatraz Ransomware screenshot
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Fortunately, Alcatraz Ransomware is not as dangerous as other threats specialists have put into the category of ransomware. It does not lock Desktop and does not make many modifications on the computer it infects. Of course, as you already know, it still encrypts files, demands a ransom, and keeps connecting to the Internet without permission from time to time. Therefore, even though this will not help to unlock files, it is crucial to delete Alcatraz Ransomware as soon as possible.

Alcatraz Ransomware is an infection that has been released very recently; however, it does not differ at all from older threats not only the way it acts on the infected computer, but also the way it is distributed. Research carried out by our experts has revealed that this ransomware infection enters computers without permission in most cases. Of course, we cannot say that users themselves do not help it to enter computers. It has been found that people contribute to its entrance by opening attachments they find in spam emails. Yes, Alcatraz Ransomware is distributed through spam emails. These emails are made to look harmless, so even though many users are perfectly aware of the fact that spam emails might be dangerous, they decide to open them. Never repeat the same mistake because it does not mean that another ransomware infection cannot enter the system in the future after the deletion of Alcatraz Ransomware. On top of that, users should not forget to install automatic security tools on their computers.

It is always a bad decision to keep dangerous malware inside the system, so you should delete Alcatraz Ransomware from your computer right now. Its removal should not be very hard because you will just have to remove the malicious file you have downloaded and opened from a spam email. In addition, you will have to remove the .html file from Desktop. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to find the malicious file downloaded. It would be quicker to detect it with the help of an automatic scanner, so use SpyHunter if you find it too hard to detect and eliminate it manually.

Delete Alcatraz Ransomware

  1. Locate the malicious file you have launched (check Desktop, %TEMP%, and %USERPROFILE%\Downloads).
  2. Delete it.
  3. Remove ransomed.html from Desktop.
  4. Empty the Recycle bin.

In non-techie terms:

Alcatraz Ransomware is an infection that enters computers without permission and then immediately locks files. If it is inside the computer already, you will quickly notice that it is impossible to access a number of files. Unfortunately, it might be one of a bunch of other malicious applications hiding on the computer. Therefore, users should definitely launch a legitimate antimalware scanner to erase those additional infections after the manual removal of Alcatraz Ransomware.