AdvancedXPFixer Removal Guide

Do you know what AdvancedXPFixer is?

AdvancedXPFixer, which may be called Advanced XP Fixer or AXP Fixer, is a rogue anti-spyware application that uses a fake landing screen to get computer users to purchase the full AdvancedXPFixer program. If anyone purchases AdvancedXPFixer they will only be wasting their money because AdvancedXPFixer does not remove spyware. Many times computer users find out that AdvancedXPFixer is a fake after it is too late. You can still take steps to remove the AdvancedXPFixer rogue program from your system.

AdvancedXPFixer or Advanced XP Fixer, may popup up alerts that read something along the lines of your computer having backdoor spyware threats. You should not fall for those messages as they are a poor attempt by the creators of AdvancedXPFixer to get you to purchase the full AdvancedXPFixer program. is the website that is associated with AdvancedXPFixer. You should stay away from because it is a malicious site that may install fake programs onto your computer.

In non-techie terms: AdvancedXPFixer is similar to other rogue anti-spyware programs such as it's clone, AdvancedXPDefender. They both use illicit tactics to extort money from you. If you have AdvancedXPFixer or Advanced XP Fixer installed on yoru system them you should take action immediately to remove it. Do not download or purchase AdvancedXPFixer under any circumstances.

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Aliases: AdvancedXPFixer, Advanced XP Fixer, AXPFixer, AXP Fixer,

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