About Spyware-Techie.com

Spyware-techie.com – A techie’s take on Spyware! is a website that’s main purpose is to share knowledge and information of Internet security with others. Even though this website provides technical computer information, it is mostly tailored for the average non-techie Joe. Spyware-techie.com will be there to help you with your spyware woes and allow you to be one step ahead of spyware threats.

Do not be intimidated by your own computer. To maintain a clean computer can be daunting at first but once you know the do’s and don’ts of computer security, you’ll be able to effectively protect your computer from unwanted software.

About Webmaster/Author

Hello and welcome to my website! My webnickname is WildStallion. Why? Because that’s what my wife calls me. :-)

I was always fascinated with computers and the Internet in general. I would spend to the wee hours of the night reading blogs and web tutorials. My daily Internet activities would mostly gravitate towards Internet security topics, especially since I was a victim of continuous spyware and one time I had to reformat my computer (which was a mess to get it back to its original state). I learned that no matter what your level of computer or Internet understanding you can still be susceptible to spyware, but you don’t have to sit there and take it. You can prevent and even remove Spyware from your PC. The only thing you need is technical know-how to battle spyware.

I believe it is essential to learn how to use the Web safely. So I started my own website Spyware-techie.com and with it I plan to talk about spyware, computer security and online safety, as well as, help people down the right path of computer spyware-free sanctuary.

I hope that you enjoy Spyware-techie.com and I look forward to hearing your comments. If you have anything that you wish to contribute or are interested in learning about feel free to shoot me an email.