Packed.Execryptor Removal Guide

Do you know what Packed.Execryptor is? Packed.Execryptor is a malicious program that can drop malware onto you computer without any of your notice. Schemers standing behind this infection can utilize spam email attachments, bundled downloads or various social engineering scams

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ILivid Toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what ILivid Toolbar is? ILivid Toolbar is a piece of malware which is typically installed alongside free software downloaded from unreliable sources. When in the system, ILivid Toolbar is very difficult to remove, because one of the

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TrojanSPM/LX Removal Guide

Do you know what TrojanSPM/LX is? TrojanSPM/LX is a nonexistent Trojan infection which is typically presented by fake anti-spyware programs. The aim of presenting the fake infection is to make the computer user believe that the PC is being damaged

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IPA Virus Removal Guide

Do you know what IPA Virus is? IPA Virus is a dangerous and cunning ransomware infection that is able to a paralyze computer and constrain the user from accessing computer programs in this way. The abbreviation stands for the International

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