Clicon Removal Guide

Do you know what Clicon is? Clicon is an adware application that targets computer users in Spain, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else is safe. The application can be a start of a serious computer security issue because it

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Do you know what is? promotes the so-called open source Flash player by Lightspark. You should not download thesoftware promoted on the site, and you should not interact with the pop-up advertisement served via the same domain. If

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Ads By Prizecoupon Removal Guide

Do you know what Ads By Prizecoupon are? Ads By Prizecoupon are the unreliable banner and pop-up advertisements produced by Prizecoupon. This is an advertisement-supported program that most users find installed on their browsers after downloading software bundles from unreliable

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CheapNEnjoy Removal Guide

Do you know what CheapNEnjoy is? If you have noticed numerous third-party ads and annoying pop-ups within your browser, your system might be infected with an adware program known as CheapNEnjoy. The research conducted at has revealed that quite

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PathMaxx Removal Guide

Do you know what PathMaxx is? PathMaxx is another program developed by SuperWeb LLC. If it enters your system, you will definitely start seeing commercial advertisements on your screen. According to the researchers at, you will see in-text, interstitial,

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HitTheLights Removal Guide

Do you know what HitTheLights is? Computer users who watch YouTube videos frequently tend to download and install HitTheLights application on their computers because they think that it will allow them to watch the videos more conveniently. Actually, it is

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