TrueDownloader Removal Guide

Do you know what TrueDownloader is? TrueDownloader is a potentially unwanted application. You should think twice before installing such programs on your computer. It is true that TrueDownloader is not a malicious infection, but the question is whether you really

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BuyNsave Removal Guide

Do you know what BuyNsave is? BuyNsave is an adware application that will not allow you to browse the Internet properly. It will spam you with random commercial advertisements and slow down your computer performance. The adware program itself is

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Do you know what is? is an adware server which is used for the promotion of fictitious services. Our malware analysts have discovered that the server will promote pop-ups and interstitial advertisements using the credentials of Norton. As

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Coolbuy Removal Guide

Do you know what Coolbuy is? Coolbuy is a nasty adware program that might slither onto your computer without your permission. Even though it tends to enter without a user’s consent, there is no doubt that you will notice its

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LuckyTab Removal Guide

Do you know what LuckyTab is? If you have started seeing in-text, transitional, interstitial, and full-page ads on your screen, you should check whether LuckyTab is present on your computer. The program itself promises to provide you with a great

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